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A Port Worker

Joy Kim

Logistic Manager

"We provide everything you need to export."

Rapid Booking
Bright Star secures your booking quickly to ensure minimum lag times for your export shipment. We can arrange shipping from anywhere in the United States to anywhere in the world. 

On-time pickup 
By leveraging our local and interstate trucking networks, we ensure on-time pickup for your container. 
Whether your container is at your place of business, warehouse, or anywhere in between, Bright Star can pick up on time.

On-time delivery 
Using our trucking networks, Bright Star ensures on-time delivery to the port or airport of your choosing. Wherever your container needs to go, Bright Star can get it there.

To and from the ship, the airplane, or the railroad of your choosing, Bright Star transports your container from wherever, to wherever. 

Container transportation
Bright Star can export your full container with ease.

Loose cargo export
Not shipping a whole container? No problem. Bright Star can safely export your loose cargo to wherever you need to go

Container stuffing service
Bright Star can ensure your shipment is expertly packed. Secure your goods through our stuffing service.


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