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Why You Should Consider Shipping Intermodal

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

For shipments that aren’t time-sensitive, intermodal rail is a brilliant match for many shippers. The best cargo is 43,500 kilos or less. You can ship a range of commodities on rail, inclusive of food and beverages, electronics, construction equipment, and even chemicals. Air-ride instruct motors decrease the hazard of damage, and trains are without problems tracked electronically for typical shipment updates.

Additionally, when unfavourable weather impacts the transportation industry, which includes truckload ability and rates, intermodal rail is a brilliant choice for truckload shipments. This article will walk you via the benefits of intermodal transportation. two

Intermodal Rail Basics

For certain shipments, it makes extra feel to use intermodal rail. You can and ought to use this mode when your shipment:

Travels over 500 milesWeighs beneath 43,500 poundsCan be loaded into a container/trailer up to 53 toes in length

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